CASA-EP Rises to COVID-19 Challenge
Update from Michelle Sudduth, Executive Director

To our Community:

During this time of uncertainty, as we all focus on caring for our families and loved ones, we want you to know that the CASA-EP team is thinking of you as well—our dedicated volunteers, supporters, and our regional partners committed to protecting our most vulnerable children.

The risks posed by COVID-19 for vulnerable children and families is enormous.
Widespread job loss, isolation, excessive confinement, and anxieties over health and finances heighten the risk of violence in the home, including both between partners and by caregivers against children.

We are so grateful to our CASA volunteers who are finding new ways to work and take care of the vulnerable children who need us during this time of social distancing.

We are putting into use many guidelines and supportive tools created by the National CASA Association.

…we have expanded our volunteer recruiting and we will soon be starting our first on-line training on May 18.

Please contact me or any member of the CASA-EP team with questions…
Feedback is especially welcome as we swim these uncharted waters.

Thank you for your ongoing dedication, kindness, and generosity.

Warm regards,

It's Flamingo Fandango Time!

June 3, 2022 from 4-7 pm in Berkeley Springs