Licensed Clinical Social Worker and gifted presenter LaDonna Wattley, joined us in May to conduct two workshops on diversity, equity, inclusion and culturally relevant service provision. This powerful two-part in-service is already making a difference in local advocacy. Volunteer Supervisor Sarah Pauletti offers one of her recent experiences:

Thanks to LaDonna’s training I was able to cultivate a different turn of events at a recent family meeting. I did not try to compare any of my struggles to what they are going through or any of the other typical or accidental things people may do in that situation. Instead, I listened deeply and then summarized what was said back to them, so they knew I heard and understood them. I focused on the positive changes and steps they are taking to get their family back together.

It can be easy to think we might not need DEI training, but growing in compassion, empathy, and communication is something we all can continue to improve. Building trust and rapport is essential to our work and mission, especially with the families that we serve and the emotions that they experience. There have been a few times since the training that I have acknowledged and noticed that I took something from the training. I look forward to continuing these important discussions and growing together.